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Free Scientific Workshops 

Education is always an integral component in order to provide a safe and effective treatment in aesthetic medical practice. We emphasize on the understanding of the scientific knowledge of BIOLYPH, a new generation of Freeze Dried Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in our workshop. Medical practitioners should be able to grasp the scientific explanation together with the clinical application of BIOLYPH.  


Only Registered Medical Practitioners,practicing in licensed medical facilities can BECOME OUR SERVICE PROVIDER. They are required to attend our training workshop before they can use BIOLYPH in their practice.


Please contact the number below for training workshop registration.



17 August 2021, 3.00 pm - 5.00pm


Science behind BIOLYPH

selangor pic.jpg

Selangor / Kuala Lumpur / Putrajaya

6 September 2021, 3.00 pm - 5.00pm

Hospital UITM, Sg Buloh.

21 September 2021,3.00 pm - 5.00pm

Hospital UMRA, Shah Alam

WORKSHOP: Science behind BIOLYPH and Practical Session

Johor Bahru pic.jpg


28 September 2021, 3.00 pm - 5.00pm

Mediceuticel Clinic, Johor

WORKSHOP: Science behind BIOLYPH and Practical Session

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